The Chiang Mai Zoo takes care to keep animals warm during cold weather


Chiang Mai Zoo Care for the health of every animal throughout the colder months by enhancing care and warmth for all creatures in the Chiang Mai Zoo’s numerous exhibits using natural techniques such as laying down straw and using heaters, and by bolstering their immune systems.

Mr. Wutthichai Muangman, director of the Chiang Mai Zoo, disclosed on December 20, 2022, that temperatures in the north began to decrease by 6–8 degrees at the beginning of the week. It is a region near the foot of the mountain that is higher than the plains, resulting in colder-than-usual weather. Moreover, it may have a negative impact on animal health during periods of persistent temperature drop, especially in the morning and at night during extremely cold weather. Chiang Mai Zoo Therefore, stringent efforts to keep the animals warm have been implemented. To keep warm, especially at night, one can install light bulbs, stack straw, and prepare hemp sacks. In addition to providing the body with vitamins, supplements can boost the immune system. help prevent the negative health consequences of cold weather on animals. The crew in charge of the numerous animal exhibits has ordered this. In addition to caring meticulously and thoughtfully for the animals, she added warmth to their lives.

for maintaining animal heat comprised of

1.Natural nighttime warmth provided by spreading dry straw on animals such as deer in their natural habitat. The soil will be damp, resulting in cooling. On the straw, the animals will dwell and sleep. generate heat from an electric light bulb, to give heat using an electric light bulb, and to put in a safe area such as electric light bulbs, heaters, etc.

3.Vitamin supplements fortifying the immune system Provide all animals with an immunity robust enough to withstand the winter’s fluctuating weather conditions.

4.Construction of a windbreak for animals Have a place to hide from the wind, such as an alcove or a little home. (originating from Sulcata Turtle Enclosure)

5.regulating temperatures for aquatic creatures To maintain the water temperature in both freshwater and saltwater tunnels, the Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium employs a boiler system (steam boiler) powered by LPG gas, 48 kg per tank, 8 freshwater tunnels per day, and 8 saltwater tunnels per day. to be between 25 and 27 degrees

The mini-zoo zone with macaws is the special care zone for animals requiring special care in cold weather. Reptiles need fire and heaters to keep warm. incorporating additional creatures There are other additional animals in the Chiang Mai Zoo that will be properly cared for this winter.


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