According to the Krabi Ministry of Public Health, the boy’s condition has been upgraded. It was unethical to treat the patient after she had been given calamine by her mother in a hospital lottery


From the case of a 2-month-old boy’s mother in Krabi came out to complain that the sick son went to be treated at one of the hospitals in Krabi Province, and then the hospital gave him medicine to drink. Put a label on the bottle saying that calcium is taken orally before the medicine is fed to the child until it was later discovered that it was calamine for the treatment of external skin diseases that caused the child to have severe vomiting and diarrhea, requiring him to be hospitalized for nearly a month before his condition deteriorated to the point where he needed to be admitted to the ICU.

Reporters reported that on December 24, 2022, in the meeting room on the 3rd floor of the Public Health Office in Krabi Province, Dr. Surat Tantithaweevorakul, Director of Krabi Hospital, issued a press release to clarify that the child has now improved appropriately.He provided care for pediatric patients in the isolation room (NICU) after receiving treatment at Krabi Hospital in order to provide close care for the patients.The patient is not in critical condition and is feeling well. The doctor has diagnosed that the patient does not need to use tools and equipment to take care of severe patients, such as giving oxygen. Urinary catheter insertion, etc. The patient is not in critical condition at all. But the doctor only wants to take close care of the patient. The patient’s symptoms have recently improved.The doctor can arrange for the patient to eat food (milk) as usual tomorrow.

If the patient was taking calamine, according to Dr. Surat.The Poison Center at Ramathibodi Hospital, as reported in the news, provided information on the amount of calamine the patient received.It does not adversely affect the body to the point that the patient is in critical condition. even if the patient is a child.

However, the Krabi Provincial Public Health Office The matter will be taken into account in the event that the service recipient has suffered damage from receiving public health services (Section 41) in order to further remedy the patient according to the facts. and examine drug dispensing measures in various hospitals to be more careful.

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