Utilizing the BCG Model, the Save Planet Rice platform is launched


Under the BCG Model, the Save Planet Agro-Economy Development Association, the Community Rice Center Association of Thailand, the Agriculturist Association, and the Thai Rice Mills Association are teaming forces to promote the Save Planet Rice Platform initiative.

The goal of the project is to encourage more ecologically friendly and sustainable rice growing while cutting costs by encouraging farmers to utilize organic fertilizers.

They had already completed 20 pilot projects in several provinces with favorable outcomes, including reduced costs, increased production, and enhanced quality. Additionally, these initiatives have enhanced the community ties between farmers and millers. In addition, the premium rice was packaged and presented as gifts to media attendees at the 2022 APEC Economic Leaders’ Week.

Representatives of the groups believe that the newly established project, which targets ten provinces and predicts positive outcomes in the next phase, would help boost Thailand’s agriculture business.

Author: annie


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