Transport, tourism, and health ministries to address Chinese tourist inflow



The Chinese government plans to loosen its COVID travel restrictions dramatically on January 8th, 2019, which would likely result in an influx of Chinese visitors to Thailand. On January 5th, Minister Saksayam of Transportation said that he will be meeting with the Ministers of Health, Transportation, and Tourism to discuss how to best accommodate the Chinese tourists.

In order to facilitate the efficient implementation of health precautions and regulations, the health ministry is cooperating with the Chinese embassy in Bangkok to hash out the details of China’s reopening. The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand was tasked with this responsibility by the Ministry of Transport together with

Use Thailand’s Aeronautical Radio to count the number of Chinese planes that have landed in Thailand. In an interview, Minister Saksayam noted that more than a week remained until China reopens and that he is confident in the government’s ability to handle the expected flood of Chinese tourists.

Author: kanyapat


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