After opening to tourists, the boat moored over coral reefs, smashing the Phi Phi Yap sea buoy


In the case of the Monsoon Garbage Facebook page, posted a photograph of a moored sailboat in the midst of the ocean with the caption “A moored sailboat over a devastated coral reef.” In the vicinity of Koh Yawasam, Krabi Province, in the vicinity of the National Park, the owner of the page moored a private sailing vessel across coral reefs, dismantled it, and demolished it, stating that such an incident had never occurred before. During the most recent New Year’s celebration, there were decent people who met, took photographs, and sent them to the administration because he believed it was a violation of the National Park Act and, as a result, wanted to investigate the incident and take action against the violators. Many netizens replied after the post was released, urging appropriate agencies to expedite the investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The page’s owner further stated that the incident occurred in Hat Noppharat Thara National Park in the Phi Phi Islands in Krabi Province. No oversight measures exist. There are boats moored in coral reefs. The park anticipates a rise in the number of tourists visiting the marine park region of Krabi Province after China opens its borders. the number of persons and vessels However, the park lacks support measures. If no one took photographs to document the event, no one would know about it. The park’s director general was not present; he had been arrested. Officers must work in the area. not uninterested The team will be able to identify and develop a better solution regardless of whatever page ultimately posts the image.

Staff from Hat Noppharat Thara National Park, Phi Phi Islands, and Krabi Province scuba dive on January 4, 2023, at the latest, to investigate coral reef damage. Yawasam Island snorkeling locations In close proximity to Koh Poda, Telewaek, Ao Nang Subdistrict, and Mueang Krabi District, the monsoon trash Facebook page has captured images of a yacht anchored above coral reefs. It stated on social media on January 2 that an inspection revealed extensive damage to the coral reef, primarily to staghorn coral and sea anemones. It then provided the academics with the information. Compensate for damages, collect evidence, take photographs, and report prosecution to investigators at Ao Nang Police Station Muang Krabi, as well as coordinating with regional harbor officials at Krabi Branch, inspecting a private sailboat coded 4139T Catspaw that is moored over a coral reef, and patrolling for it but failing to locate it.
We think this to be the sailboat of foreign tourists docked at Boat Lagoon Pier, Klong Khamao Subdistrict, Nuea Khlong District, and are arranging a meeting between the boat’s owner and the employees.

He said that he is cooperating with the regional port authority, Krabi branch, to expedite a check of the sailboat’s registration in order to identify the person in possession and prosecute him under the National Park Act. Each individual will be fined 5,000 baht for violating the National Park Act as a result of the tour boat’s violation of the buoy line.


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