Saraburi is extremely gorgeous. Observing the cosmos and marigolds flowering throughout the area


Numerous travelers go to observe the cosmic field’s splendor. Marigold flower garden and many types of trees, including the ability to taste and purchase safe vegetable products, along with economical home garden foods. Villagers in Ban Wang Ngu Hao, Sao Hai District, Saraburi Province make hundreds of baht per day by bringing goods and food to the fields for sale. This marigold garden will continue to bloom until January 15th.

On January 8, 2023, persons who enjoy nature, travel, the sky, wind, sunshine, and self-portraiture are encouraged to visit the Kaset Kaset Fair in Suan Samran and view the numerous flower fields there. and prefer to buy organic fruits and veggies. At the open-to-the-public Ban Wang Ngu Hao, Village No. 7, Phraya Thot Subdistrict, Sao Hai District, Province Saraburi, tourists may observe the beauty of many wood species. The magnificence of the flower fields, including cosmos, orange and light yellow marigolds, mercury, and several other varieties of flowers, will attract travelers from January 5 to January 15, 2023, particularly on the weekends. resulting in the villagers obtaining revenue by selling goods such as fresh veggies and non-toxic fruits. included coming to set up a store providing food, beverages, and service. This garden is the agricultural land of Mr. Samran Nawnakham, a 57-year-old farmer who decided to emulate the prosperous sufficiency economy of King Rama IX. The transformation of more than 20 rai of private property into a field of diverse types of flowers. Specifically, the cosmos flower field and marigolds attract travelers. By offering a 5 rai parking area for tourists on which they may park comfortably There is no service fee whatsoever. By offering a 5 rai parking area for tourists on which they may park comfortably There is no service fee whatsoever. By offering a 5 rai parking area for tourists on which they may park comfortably There is no service charge at all.

Those in search of a location to snap photographs with magnificent flower fields, such as a field of cosmos flowers, marigold flowers, and big vegetable plots totalling more than 20 rai, or stunning, colorful winter decorative plants, should visit this location. Visitors have the option of shopping for orange and pale yellow marigolds, which can be viewed until January 15 and span more than 4 rai. Choose luscious melons grown in this garden without the use of pesticides. and any sweeteners whatsoever Fresh veggies from an organic farm are used to produce processed goods. Purchase veggie seedlings and ornamental plants along with a comprehensive agriculture education resource. snap a selfie Visit the fields of cosmos and marigolds that are blossoming magnificently and brilliantly. Take on the sun and the wind. waiting for travellers to enjoy its splendor From 5 to 15 January of current year.

The proprietor of Samran Park, 57-year-old Mr. Samran Naknakham, disclosed that the majority of villagers, including a group of vegetable producers, produce marigold flowers for sale. Then, the concept of opening the park to the public emerged. There is no fee for tourists to visit the location. By permitting 20–30 rural residents in the region to bring agricultural items to sell to visitors There are over ten different varieties of flowers in the region, including cosmos, sunflowers (which are just beginning to blossom), and marigolds. adornments in the neighboring region Chrysanthemums, dahlias, petunias, and zinnias will be present. It will remain open until January 15 for travelers to come and snap photographs.

Driving down Phaholothin Road through downtown Saraburi makes the journey straightforward. At Huay Bong, Saraburi Provincial Stadium is passed on the way to Lop Buri. Proceed to the junction with the red light at the entrance to the Chaloem Phra Kiat District or Wat Mongkhon Chai Phatthana. About 10.5 kilometers separate the Saraburi Provincial Stadium from this location. Turn left for about 1 kilometer. At the tiny canal, cross the bridge of the canal and turn right. Driving along the Kaeng Khoi Irrigation Canal – Ban Mo Rim Khlong road The Suan Samran region will be located on the right side around 5-6 kilometers after continuing straight.

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