Enjoy REAL seafood at Prik Khee Noo Thai restaurant


Prik Khee Noo is very creative with its numerous seafood-based menu, ranging from using shrimp, prawns, and crab to different kinds of fish. The restaurant is very taste-and-spice-friendly to foreigners and Thais, though being authentic in the food essence.

Seafood enthusiasts can not miss visiting Prik Khee Noo restaurant in Hua Hin as it is well-known for using very fresh and large-sized seafood. Many dishes are herbal and full of different picks of spice that can still be greatly enjoyed by beginners in spicy and hot food as the restaurant is able to manage the right spicy level for guests, yet still keep the authentic flavors and experience of the food. The recommended dishes are 

  1. Deep fried sea bass with garlic and chili– chili-based salty and sour sauce on top of the fish.
  2. Deep fried prawns with garlic and chili- large succulent prawns topped with tiny crispy fried cloves of garlic.
  3. Stir-fried cashew nuts with bell peppers and pineapple– special Thai paste and sauce added in the making to make the dish more flavorful and served fancily inside a halved pineapple.
  4. Stir-fried spicy clams with fingerroot– loaded with a generous number of fresh clams. Thin chopped pieces of fingerroot enhance the herbal aroma of the dish.

It is also suggested you should order smoothies that are from real fresh fruit to pair with your meal.

The atmosphere of the place is very breezy, green, and cozy. There are two zones, under the shade and in the garden. On one side of it, you can see a large green field where sometimes you may see wild chickens running around. As an outdoor restaurant, it welcomes pets, of course, to join the party.

Prik Khee Noo is operated by Khun Bum or Piyawan and her sister. She has a great passion for making delicious Thai local seafood and servicing guests which are reflected through various choices on the menu and warm-welcoming proactive staff. 

If you are looking for authentic Thai local seafood dishes, Prik Khee Noo Restaurant is the answer. They not only have a large selection of delicious menu but the outdoor breezy vibe surrounded by trees and a field that highlight the localness and casualness of your dining experience. The restaurant is located on the Khao Takieb side, open daily from 11 AM – 9 PM. For the exact location, please follow https://goo.gl/maps/tmYQosmJLvbY2FAV8. For more information, please contact 094 456 9936 or its Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Prikkheenoo.Nongkae/.


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