The 8th Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival will be held from Jan 20-25


Thailand is preparing to host the Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival (BAFF) from the 20th to the 25th of this month. Quality films from ASEAN member nations will be presented, with the goal of promoting the film industry as a post-pandemic generator of economic value.

This year’s Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival will be conducted for the eighth time, according to Minister of Culture Itthiphol Kunplome. The event is being coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and the National Federation of Motion Picture and Contents Associations.

According to Mr. Itthiphol, BAFF is part of Thailand’s policy to build soft power and identify a creative economy. Thailand hopes to become an Asian film production hub. Another goal is to take the ASEAN film business global. He also stated that subsequent BAFF iterations had received increased attention from the worldwide cinema business. The event is currently regarded a film festival of interest on the international film festival calendar. The minister stated that this year’s festival will highlight ASEAN’s film industry’s worldwide competence.

According to Mr. Itthiphol, the government promotes Thai tourism through portrayals in films created by Thai and foreign filmmakers. Tax breaks are being offered to entice international investors to make films in Thailand.

The main events during BAFF will be the showing of great ASEAN films that have received worldwide prizes, as well as the screening of classic films from Thailand, the Philippines, and India. 14 short films from ASEAN producers will be exhibited, in addition to a handful of feature-length films from regional producers. BAFF 2023 will also see the release of film budgets for Hong Kong’s co-production member nations.

BAFF 2023 will take held from January 20 to 25 at Bangkok’s Paragon Cineplex and SF World Cinema.


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