Thriller! Pattaya city’s backhoe arms pulled the signposts down the tree, injuring a housewife.


10 January, 11:05 a.m., Sawang Boriboon Foundation Rescue Radio Center, Pattaya, Thailand Notify the reader that a huge signage is present. As a result of a motorbike rider’s collision with a pedestrian, the victim sustained severe injuries. He dispatched a rescue team with an ambulance to the entrance to Soi Jomtien 12, Jomtien Beach Road, Moo 11, Nong Prue Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, upon receiving the notice. do check.

Ms. Yenjit Anchuen, a 46-year-old coffee shop maid, was discovered dead at the crime site. injured She was in excruciating pain in her right hip and right forearm, and she was wailing in agony. With locals supporting the wounded person’s body while he or she rides a red Honda Airblade motorbike, the rescue crew rushes to administer first aid. Muang Pattaya Hospital.

The examination revealed a fallen steel pole, which is a huge signpost around 5-6 meters tall, in the center of the road. On the arm of the backhoe, approximately 10 meters further along the sandy beach, there is a power cord. Baekho’s arm dangled from the light wire until it detached from the rigging and dropped to the ground. A pickup vehicle and a car are also parked on the side of the road. In addition to being harmed by being crushed by a steel pole.

Ms. Somchit Hemprom, 55, a shopkeeper in the vicinity of the accident site, reported seeing a backhoe moving cement blocks on the beach prior to the incident.

Then, the backhoe’s arm accidentally leaned into the wires. …till the massive iron poles, the signposts, collapsed with a loud, shaking noise. The wounded individual, who was driving a motorbike with a trailer, unfortunately went by. Therefore, getting struck by a sign results in such damage.

Sub Lt. Pramote Tubtim, the Permanent Secretary of Pattaya City, quickly inspected the incident and reported that a backhoe was involved. It belongs to an Italian-Thai contractor who was employed in Pattaya. enact action Prior to the event, the concrete stairs was being relocated up and down the beach as part of the Jomtien Beach Landscaping Project, but the backhoe’s arm hung on the lamppost and tugged the signage. collapse Until it collides with the car’s driver to the point of harm. Previously, I have charged the contractor to care for the injured and must be guilty of destroying Pattaya City’s property. Regarding this incident, it was an unintended occurrence. What is the location of Pattaya? The contractor will conduct an inquiry, and they will take adequate care of the injured.

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