Krabi palm farm Stop purchasing palm oil from farmers and immediately request an investigation from Krabi’s governor


Krabi palm farm Stop purchasing palm oil from farmers to force the governor of Krabi to investigate. Despite poor output, prices for palm fruits are falling. services offered in 1999, On January 11, 2023, palm farmers threatened by dumping sites and oil palm extraction corporations will meet with the head of the Krabi Farmers Council, Pansak Chitrarat. Avoid Krabi palm oil. Twenty persons sent a film to the governor of Krabi. Mr. Sorongtham Ratana, director of the Provincial Damrongtham Center House Group, accepted the problem since the governor was in an urgent meeting.

Mr. Pansak, according to published information, The palm oil purchasing center exists. Avoid palm fronds due to the palm oil plant. Purchase limit. Avoid Krabi and the surrounding palm groves. Low palm oil production. Why are there leftover items? Not rapidly removable for production.

Farmers endured hardship and hurt the oil palm industry. I’m seeking the governor of Krabi Province for assistance. In line with the 1999 Act, as head of the Provincial Committee on Prices of Goods and Services (KorJor), I am analyzing and researching the oil palm trading center. palm oil extraction plant Prices vary. The governor acts correctly by purposefully reducing the price of palm fruit under Section 29, not requesting an investigation of the palm oil mill, suspending regular service, refusing service, or delaying service without sufficient grounds under Section 31, or anything else I have mastered. Price Fairness Act of 1999 for farmers.

Later, the Governor of Krabi directed Mr. Kiattisak Nareelert, Agriculture and Cooperatives, to invite farmer representatives to a meeting in order to find a solution with Krabi Province Agriculture. The province of Krabi’s business community and affiliated authorities convened and raised a problem. As a result of the extended New Year’s break, the drenching yard and palm plant suspended purchasing, resulting in a glut of palm fruit. When the plant opens, farmers simultaneously harvest palm fruit for sale.

However, Mr. Wissanu Suraswadee, president of the Palm Oil Collecting Center Operator Club in Krabi Province and a palm farmer, indicated that he did not wish to stop purchasing palm oil for the dumping plant, despite the fact that the factory did not take palm oil from the dumping site.

Regardless matter the approach, the factory must stop acquiring palm fruit. That is, urging the provinces to allow the sale of present palm fruit to provincial extraction enterprises ready to purchase, knowing that there are several other factories and anticipating that excess palms would not last more than three days. The manufacturer instantly halted selling and shut down.

According to reporters, providing palm fruit to provincial enterprises is improper. Due to the fact that producers or palm collection centers pay transportation costs. Small farmers in Lan Tei must be forced to reduce their prices. Farmers will be harmed. Growers at palm collection centers can transfer palm trees to businesses in surrounding provinces as usual.

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