TPSO Predicts a “Green Year” for Thai Exports to China


In light of China’s decision to end its zero Covid policy, the Trade Policy and Strategy Office (TPSO) has seen an uptick in the number of orders for Thai products. Because of the anticipated rise in demand, the office has paid extra attention to the fruits Thailand exports.

As a result of the easing of the “zero Covid” policy, TPSO Director Poonpong Naiyanapakorn has seen positive signs for exports to China, which he discussed. He said the company’s exports to China’s market are projected to become profitable again by 2023, when life in the country returns to normal. Tourism, consumer spending, and government investment will all see increases as business gets back to normal. These will provide vital impetus to global trade and the economy as a whole. Concerns remain about the Covid issue, including the potential for a substantial number of fatalities and patients to prompt further lockdowns.

Mr. Poonpong maintained, however, that China is still a promising market and that a rapid “reopening” of the country will boost Thai exports to China. Thanks to the ASEAN-China FTA and the RCEP agreement, China may buy Thai goods at low costs. Recovery is anticipated in exports of items affected by these incentives, particularly fruits.

Durian, cassava, rubber wood, and chemicals might all be affected if China reimposes restrictions. According to Mr. Poonpong, the Chinese market is crucial to the success of these items.

He predicted that exporters that rely heavily on the Chinese market will feel the effects of China’s decision to import from rivals or to begin manufacturing the items domestically in the medium future. Such a result would be in line with China’s 14th National Economic and Social Development Plan’s emphasis on self-sufficiency. Therefore, Thai exporters should diversify their product offerings and spread their risks across many promising markets. The delayed recovery of the Chinese market should be accounted for in their financial plans.

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