“Baoji Sneaker Art Popular Vote” winners were honored at the Gallery Bluport Hua Hin by Baoji


Khun Onuma Ubolratana, District Manager, on behalf of Longtai International Group Co., Ltd., or Baoji, on behalf of Khun Chokchai Wongjaihat, led the event. General Manager of Blu Port Hua Hin, General Manager of The Gallery Hua Hin, and Taekwondo athlete and bronze medalist, Khun View Yaowapa. The Legend Arena management presented the honors at the Blu Hall on the first floor of Bluport Hua Hin during the 2004 Olympic Games.

Consequently, further actions Choosing children’s works, organizing a popular voting contest in online channels open to the public from 10 December 2018 to 8 January 2019, and in today’s event, an award is given to the work with the most votes (5 ranking), with Khun Onuma Ubolratana, district manager, on behalf of Baoji representative, Khun Chotchai Wongjakphat, general manager of Blu Port Hua Hin, Khun Anarin Wongakkarapattana, Managi representative, and The prize was handed by the Olympic Games of 2004 to the list of contest winners. Kiddy’s performance earned Miss Sarisa Mai-ong from Wang Klai Kangwon School the top medal. Miss Phuree Poolperm from Wang Klai Kangwon School won the Zah Run Award for Creativity for her piece Fantasy Forest. Thitima Maiiam of Wang Klai Kangwon Vocational School. The task has expanded and can proceed in any direction. Favorite Referee Award Space Festival participation by Miss Chalisa Tianchai of Wang Klai Kangwon School The youngsters were awarded a scholarship. The Gallery Hua Hin diploma gift package, The Legend Arena special award, and Baoji footwear. In addition, the main cinemas supported children’s popcorn. As well on the day of work Throughout the ceremony, fathers, mothers, and other parents came to congratulate and encourage the participants.

Khun Anyarin Wongakkarapattana, manager of The Gallery Hua Hin, spoke about the objectives of this event, stating, “The Gallery Bluport Hua Hin has encouraged and supported excellent activities for future generations and society.” Currently, the “Baoji Sneaker Art Popular Vote” event is one of the learning promotion activities. To improve the space for creative expression and creativity by allowing young people to display their own works at The Gallery Hua Hin, and to provide a venue for young people to think, act, and express themselves in all their creations. Branch in which art is not limited to paper or canvas, but must also be applicable in the actual world.

most significantly Baoji shoes It is a Thai shoe company that aims to penetrate the younger generation. This is consistent with The Gallery Hua Hin’s operations, which have the same objective, and I would like to assist them to fulfill their goals. And the project’s sponsors will undoubtedly continue to promote learning by conducting events of this caliber in the future.” and news of movement as well as other activities may be found on The Gallery Hua Hin’s Facebook page or by dialing 098 272708.


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