Let Koncept Hua Hin fulfill your dream house or office


Koncept Hua Hin is a large two-story furniture empire that not only offers Koncept-branded household items but also other local and international ones.

Koncept Hua Hin sells a large selection of household and office furniture items such as beds, cabinets, sofas, chairs, shelves, etc. that you would need for every room inside your place. The pieces are placed into different zones that represent different rooms such as a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom, a garden, and an office room. You will be able to picture how the mood and tone of your preferred sofa would give when it is situated near other items, for example.

Koncept Hua Hin is a 2-story furniture shop with a large selection of items for all the rooms in your house and office.
An example of the dining room zone that showcases creative choices of furniture for your cozy eating experience.
An example of the living room zone that showcases luxurious choices of furniture for your relaxing moments with your family.
An example of the dining room zone that showcases stylish choices of furniture for your private resting time.
An example of the office room zone that showcases classic-styled choices of furniture for your professional office rooms.

Positioned to be a furniture shop that supplies general and functional products with neat and classic style, Koncept Hua Hin is cost-efficient and well-acclaimed for its quick and timely delivery. The staffs are very welcoming and always ready to accompany you on the tour around the shop. You may think Koncept Hua Hin only vends non-technological furniture, but, actually, lifestyle-enhancing items, as well, such as La-Z-Boy comfortable recliners and sofas. 

If you are looking for furniture for your house, condominium, or office, Koncept Hua Hin is a great option. It is located on Petchakasem Road near Hua Hin airport. For the exact location, please follow https://goo.gl/maps/8Wpbanp5XZwyko4P8. The shop opens daily from 9 AM – 7 PM. For more information, please contact 084-239-6298.


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