Nan Achieves Major Reservoir Funding Goal


The Royal Irrigation Department will get 6.2 billion baht from the Cabinet to fund the building of a new multi-purpose reservoir in the province of Nan in the country’s north.

Nam Khee is the name given to the reservoir that will be built in the Nam Yao National Forest Reserve and the Nam Suat Forest, both of which are located in the Ban Wang Pha region of the Pha Thong sub-district.

Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek said the reservoir will be used for a variety of things, including agriculture, storing water for consumption, preventing flooding, and providing a new tourism attraction for the region. As planned, the project would provide an additional 5,680 hectares of irrigated land to the Pha Thong, Pha To, Pa Kha, Si Phum, Rim, and Tan Chum sub-districts and the Tha Wang Pha city area. Up to 6,000 homes might see an increase in income thanks to the irrigation project.

Damming the reservoir will be an 845-meter, rock-fill structure that will rise 81.5 meters tall and have a crest width of 12 meters. The reservoir can contain 52.31 m3 of water, and the irrigation system will include a canal and a pipeline that is 88 km in length.

The Royal Irrigation Department has announced that they have finished an EIA analysis and surveyed locals living near the construction site to gauge public sentiment. According to the report, work on the project would begin in 2019, and it will take seven years to finish (from 2020 to 2030).

Author: kanyapat


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