The Port Authority of Prachuap-Hua Hin, landscapes and demolishes structures in the Khao Takiab Canal


January 18, Khao Takiab Village, Hua Hin District, Prachua District Port, Prashu Province Previously, fisherman complained that there were too many intrusive structures in the Khao Takiab Canal. obstructing fishing boat navigation The Port Authority went to investigate and discovered that there were buildings that had not been granted license and stretched practically the whole width of the canal. This is a major impediment to navigation. As a result, it is dismantled for aesthetic reasons and to reduce accident dangers.

Mr. Apisit Khamphiro, Director of the Office, Ms. Jirat Pranprasit, Director of the Environmental Division of the Bashu Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office, Ms. Busaba Choksuchat, Deputy Mayor of Washington DC, Mr. Jeerawat Prahmanee, Permanent Secretary of the Huaxin City Government, and more than 30 city officials, as well as Bashu Port Director of the Bureau, brought in excavators to improve landscaping and demolish buildings

Mr. Apisit Khamphiro stated that he went to the area today to speak with fishermen and builders who encroach on the canal because, in the past, it had an impact on the environment and caused trouble, which everyone understood by extending the remaining demolition period for about 20 days, then proceeding as scheduled. Simultaneously, the Harbor Office has granted permission to the Hua Hin Municipality to construct a ramp (boat beam) in the area to be utilized as a method for fishing boats to be repaired further.

Ms. Busaba Choksuchart stated that the municipality met with the Phuket Harbor Department and the Provincial Environment Office. After receiving complaints about the environment in the Khao Takiab Canal, which is under the Marine Department’s jurisdiction and is situated in the municipality of Hua Hin, we discovered that there is a lot of filth and incursions in the river and scheduled a cleaning. The municipality has provided machinery, tools, and equipment, as well as authorities, to continue with beautifying the scenery of Khao Takiab Canal in order to make it tidy and beautiful enough to be a tourist town in the future.

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