After opening the country, Pattaya’s entertainment venue reveals the bustling tourist atmosphere


The Secretary of the Pattaya Entertainment Association, Mr. Damrongkiat Pinijkarn, disclosed that after reopening the country to tourists after being closed for more than two years, the entertainment venues in Pattaya are becoming increasingly busy. Due to the large number of Indian, Taiwanese, Hong Kong, Korean, and European tourists. Come to travel and unwind extensively. Although not as busy as before during the COVID-19 pandemic, the city was still relatively active. However, the percentage of tourists in entertainment venues is greater than 80–90%, particularly in the Walking Street area. including strict facilitation and complete safety.

with personnel to take close care of it Now it can be stated that Pattaya’s tourism industry has begun to become active again. And if more Chinese tourists visit, Pattaya is expected to be crowded, bustling, and generate substantial tourism revenue. or a very good vision as workers began to return to the region in large numbers to work in service. This is the first time that it has begun to become busier. Large entertainment venues are chosen because they generate more revenue than small to medium-sized stores or entertainment venues. Consequently, Pattaya City must still perform extensive labor.

for the area of the Walking Street Project, which is a place where hundreds of entertainment venues directly support tourism. Over 90 percent of the total amount of service has been opened at this time. And each day there are numerous tourists. Therefore, Pattaya City must immediately renovate the area to facilitate and prevent potential misfortunes like fires and accidents. There will be a solution to the issue of commercial billboards encroaching on public roads, which is another significant issue in fire prevention. A large fire engine was unable to extinguish the incident, resulting in damage to the store. The service has been provided numerous times.

Pattaya City has now ordered that the signs along the entire line be demolished and reinstalled in parallel with the building. To create a space along the road where the cable car can move freely. Additionally, there will be a request for an ambulance with personnel. All of these measures will be viewed as problem-solving and confidence-building for tourists who visit the Pattaya region for a vacation.

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