JSOC Law to Prevent Sexual or Violent Crimes Takes Effect


The Justice and Safety for Our Communities Act (JSOC) went into effect on October 1, 2018, with the goal of reducing the occurrence of sexual and violent crimes committed by the same individuals. There are presently 17,807 prisoners that are subject to the new regulations.

A news conference was conducted by Justice Minister Somsak Thepsuthin to announce the implementation of the JSOC law. He argued that the new legislation will greatly contribute to public security. The law will become a weapon for crime prevention through the use of surveillance and monitoring of those who have committed sexual or violent crimes in the past. Mr. Somsak emphasized that fewer people in society will feel frightened by criminals. This law primarily makes use of two measurements. Both during their time behind bars and after, criminals can get medical care and monitoring through these programs.

The Ministry of Justice established the Justice Safety Observation Ad hoc Center (abbreviated as JSOC) to keep tabs on a select group of ex-convicts.

According to the justice minister, an EM bracelet will be worn by persons subject to monitoring for up to ten years. In the event of dangerous behavior, law enforcement and other agencies may take immediate custody of the individual. Although a probationary term may be imposed, detention time cannot exceed 48 hours. There may be times when it’s necessary to approach the court to allow for an extension of detention of up to 7 days. Some offenders may receive an additional three years in jail rather than be placed under surveillance.

According to Mr. Somsak, the JSOC law is aimed at people who have committed sexual offenses, physical injury, kidnapping, or incarceration.

The Department of Corrections reports that 17,807 convicts are subject to JSOC requirements. There are now 5,683 inmates doing time for sexually-related offenses, 12,068 for offenses involving physical injury, and 56 for wrongful confinement.


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