Chinese Tourists Flock to Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier, Boosting Tourism and Income for Operators


The Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya has reopened as Chinese tourists flock to the popular destination for a post-pandemic vacation. The reopening of Thailand’s borders has sparked excitement among Chinese visitors eager to experience the country’s natural beauty and stunning beaches.

Pattaya has emerged as one of the top destinations for Chinese tourists since the borders opened. The lively atmosphere at the Laem Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya exemplifies this trend. Buses full of Chinese tourists arrive at the pier, eager to begin their tour group adventures.

As Chinese tourists take speed boats to explore and enjoy the sea, the popular Koh Larn area has seen a significant increase in traffic. This increase in demand has resulted in an increase in income for speedboat operators, who are excited about the resurgence of tourism.

To ensure the safety of all tourists, the Harbor Department and Pattaya City have provided staff to assist both Thai and foreign visitors with the boarding process. All passengers must wear life jackets, which are strictly inspected and enforced by the crew. Tourists are assigned to boats based on their size before they set sail, providing a sense of security for all travelers.

Overall, the influx of Chinese tourists has revitalized Pattaya’s tourism industry, benefiting both the local economy and international visitors. Because strict safety rules are in place, visitors can feel safe exploring everything Thailand has to offer.

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