Governor of Surat Thani Province Inspects Child Development Center Following Online Controversy


June 6, 2023 – In response to a recent viral video on the popular social media platform TikTok, Mr. Wichawut Jinto, the Governor of Surat Thani Province, paid a visit to the Ban Phru Wai Nam Child Development Center. Located in Village No. 13, Ban Sadej Subdistrict, Khian Sa District, Surat Thani Province, the purpose of the visit was to investigate the allegations made in the video and ensure the proper implementation of the lunch project.

The video in question showed a kindergarten child tearfully expressing a desire to go home, claiming to have eaten rice and fish sauce at home but not at school. Fearing that this incident would be distorted or misrepresented in online media, Governor Jinto, accompanied by Mr. Santi Boonrod, the Khian Sa District Chief, and Mrs. Lakkhana Damnil, the Mayor of Ban Sadet Subdistrict, sought to ascertain the facts surrounding the case.

During the inspection, it was discovered that the Child Development Center consisted of four levels of classes, accommodating pre-kindergarten and kindergarten 1-3, with a total of 59 students. The center was allocated a lunch budget of 22 baht per student per day. Historically, the lunch program had been administered in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Thai School Lunch Manual, issued by the Ministry of Education. Regular quality checks were conducted by municipal members, and there had been no prior complaints from parents.

Governor Jinto expressed concern over the use of social media as a double-edged sword, emphasizing the potential negative repercussions and distortions that can arise. He urged the public to exercise caution when interpreting and sharing such content, as it could adversely impact educational institutions and the families involved.

Nevertheless, following the visit to the Ban Phru Wai Nam Child Development Center, Governor Jinto commended the institution for its commitment to providing a quality lunch program and maintaining a clean and orderly school environment. The facilities included well-maintained bathrooms equipped with toilet bowls, and measures had been taken to prevent the breeding of Aedes mosquitoes. Mosquito screens were installed to protect the children from mosquito bites, particularly crucial as the region entered the rainy season, which marked the resurgence of diseases such as dengue fever.

Governor Jinto took the opportunity to express his concern to all educational institutions, urging them to prioritize mosquito control measures and safeguard the children from mosquito-borne illnesses. With the rainy season posing an increased risk of dengue fever transmission, it was crucial to remain vigilant and take necessary precautions.

As the investigation unfolded, the Governor’s visit not only sought to address the concerns raised by the video but also underscored the importance of responsible social media use while recognizing the positive efforts of the Child Development Center in ensuring the well-being of its students.

Deedee Boon
Author: Deedee Boon


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