Pattaya Building Owner Files Complaint Against Alleged Indian Intruders


On June 7, 2023, a 30-year-old man named Mr. Supanat Chinnawat filed a complaint at the Pattaya City Police Station, alleging that individuals of Indian nationality had unlawfully invaded the Phanit building. Responding swiftly, inquiry officials dispatched patrol officers to investigate the matter.

The incident took place at a four-story commercial building located on Pattaya Sai 3 Road, a route leading to Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya. Adjacent to the building stood a Rock Star Indian Dance Club, with its glass door securely locked. Accompanied by the building owner, the police conducted a thorough examination of the premises and made an intriguing discovery – a secret entrance at the rear of the building. Promptly, they ventured inside to gather more information.

Upon entering, the authorities encountered an open counter and a showroom resembling a beer bar on the ground floor. Meanwhile, the second to fourth floors offered daily and monthly room rentals, with some rooms occupied and others showing signs of vandalism and damage. Officials interviewed the occupants, seeking details about those responsible for managing the building. To their surprise, they learned that an Indian individual resided behind the premises. Acting promptly, the officers placed a call to inquire further.

The Indians, claiming to be mere employees tasked with running the business on behalf of absent Indian bosses, professed ignorance about the true ownership of the building. They explained that their superiors had returned to India and assured the police that they would inform them upon their bosses’ return.

Initially, the building owner presented all pertinent ownership documents to the Indian staff in charge. They also made it clear that all access points would be secured, preventing anyone from entering or exiting. However, the residents were allowed to remain in their units. Furthermore, the building owner expressed their intention to meet with the Indians who posed as the owners and pursue legal action. Negotiations would be entertained if the culprits agreed to compensate for the incurred damages. The owner emphasized the need to identify the mastermind behind this fraudulent act and shed light on their motives for falsely claiming ownership of the properties.

Interestingly, the building owner had not inspected the premises for over five years, making the recent discovery of Indians residing there all the more surprising. Despite this revelation, further details regarding the presence of the Indians remain undisclosed.


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