Cambodian Prime Minister Welcomes Thailand’s Commitment to Retaining Migrant Workers


In a moment of reassurance, Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, the esteemed Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, expressed his satisfaction upon receiving information confirming that the Thai government had no intentions of repatriating Cambodian migrant workers. Instead, they pledged to facilitate their continued stay in Thailand, fostering a sense of relief and security among the Cambodian community.

The Cambodian Premier conveyed his relief during a convivial gathering with approximately 18,000 workers and employees in Kampong Chhnang province. Delighted by the news, Hun Sen shared his appreciation for the information he had received from the Kingdom of Thailand. Addressing previous concerns raised about the supposed intentions of Thailand’s Move Forward Party to expel Cambodian and Lao migrant workers from the country, Hun Sen clarified that there were no such intentions. On the contrary, Thailand vowed to offer increased support and facilitation, dispelling any worries surrounding the repatriation of Cambodian migrant workers.

With an estimated 1.2 million Cambodian workers currently residing in Thailand, this announcement carries great significance for the affected individuals and their families back home. It ensures their continued employment opportunities and a stable livelihood in the neighboring nation.

During the gathering, Samdech Techo Hun Sen reiterated the importance of promptly responding to any potential expulsions, dismissals, or loss of benefits faced by Cambodian workers abroad. The Prime Minister made it clear that safeguarding the rights and well-being of Cambodian citizens working overseas remains a top priority for the Cambodian government.

Furthermore, Hun Sen urged employers, particularly those in factories, to prioritize the welfare of their workers, including foreign employees. Recognizing the profound impact of good health, incentives, and job satisfaction on productivity, the Prime Minister emphasized that workers who are well taken care of will contribute to the overall success and prosperity of their respective industries. By fostering a supportive and conducive working environment, employers can harness the full potential of their workforce, leading to improved production outcomes.

As the Cambodian Prime Minister’s words reverberated through the gathering, a renewed sense of confidence and security permeated the atmosphere. The assurance from the Thai government regarding the continued stay of Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand not only offers respite for the individuals directly affected but also strengthens the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two neighboring nations. This gesture of support and facilitation serves as a testament to the enduring partnership and shared commitment to the well-being of migrant workers in the region.


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