Pranburi Dam Water Crisis: Urgent Measures Taken as Water Levels Plummet


Mr. Kan Pothi Dokmai, the director of the Pranburi Water Transmission and Maintenance Project, has sounded the alarm on the dire water situation at Pranburi Dam. With the water level expected to drop to a critical 18% of its total capacity of 391 million cubic meters, urgent action is needed to address the impending crisis.

Recently, a meeting was held involving various stakeholders, including the Pranburi National Park group, Pran Yai Mango National Park group, and representatives from coconut, durian, and sugar cane plantations. The aim was to discuss the water shortage issue and ensure all parties were well-informed of the situation.

The Pranburi Dam’s water usage area spans 212,000 rai across five districts, including Hua Hin, Pranburi, Sam Roi Yot, Kui Buri, and parts of Mueang District. As a result of the water shortage, an order has been issued to cease water supply for agriculture in Pranburi and Hua Hin districts, prioritizing essential consumption needs.

Looking ahead, the water supply for domestic and village use, as well as for Hua Hin Provincial Waterworks and Municipal Waterworks, will be sustained for the next one to two months. The hope lies in the forecasted rain during this period. However, the amount of water currently stored in the dam is alarmingly low and may even run out entirely.

Mr. Kan Pothi Dokmai offered some reassurance, stating that drinking water will be available at least until the end of December. Measures are being put in place to address any worst-case scenarios, with regular meetings held with the Hua Hin municipality to discuss contingency plans and establish water reserves.

To mitigate the water crisis, approximately 30 water supply points have been designated to receive water from external sources, which are transported via water trucks. The authorities are working diligently to gradually address any shortages in these supply points and have mobilized equipment such as pumps, backhoes, and water trucks to ensure swift corrective action.

Amidst this crisis, the director urged the public to play their part in conserving water by using it efficiently. Farmers are encouraged to rely on rainwater whenever possible, while rice farmers are requested to exercise restraint and minimize water usage. In case of any concerns or potential damages to crops, immediate notification to the Pranburi Dam authorities is crucial, as they have the necessary machinery and resources on standby to assist.

Collective efforts and cooperation are vital during this critical period to ensure water availability for essential needs and preserve the tourist attraction of Hua Hin.

Ansh Dey
Author: Ansh Dey


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