Chomsin Road Expansion Project Progress: Hua Hin Mayor Inspects Construction Site


On 14 June 2023, Mr. Nopporn Wuthikul, the Mayor of Hua Hin, accompanied by Mr. Sunthee Thiamthat, Ms. Nonglak Phadungtos, Mr. Danaipong Sriwatanakul, Member of the Municipal Council, and more, visited the construction site to monitor the progress of the Chomsin Road expansion project. The project aims to widen the traffic surface and improve the existing road and sidewalk in front of the Learning Center, Irrigation Office 14, Hua Hin District.

Mayor Nopporn Wuthikul stated that the Chomsin Road expansion project is expected to be completed in approximately one month. The project is divided into three parts: the first part involves relocating electric poles approximately five meters outside the construction zone, the second part focuses on demolishing and rebuilding the wall of the Royal Irrigation Office 14 once the road construction is finished, and the third part includes the construction of a six-lane road surface and the improvement of the surrounding area. Currently, there are still some remaining tasks to be completed within the next month, after which the traffic surface will be open for use. The south footpath will also be completed, while the pedestrian walkway on the north side will be pending due to the construction of a new fence. However, traffic will be activated first to alleviate congestion.

During the visit, the officials discussed the fence line of the State Railway of Thailand, which could potentially obstruct traffic. They held discussions with the contractor responsible for the double-track railway and the road expansion project to coordinate the removal of the fence and adjustments to the traffic surface, ensuring smooth traffic flow. The north side will have three full lanes available for convenient and efficient car movement. This project is expected to greatly benefit the city of Hua Hin by improving traffic flow and providing a more efficient means of transportation. Furthermore, Mayor Nopporn Wuthikul provided an update on the upcoming project in 2024, which involves the construction of the Moon Roundabout. Once completed, it will provide an elevated traffic surface, allowing continuous car movement, unlike the current traffic light system. The Moon Roundabout will serve as a future bypass route to Bangkok.

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