BLACKPINK’s Lisa Sparks Viral Trend in Thailand with Nongpho Milk Endorsement


Lisa, a member of the internationally renowned K-pop group BLACKPINK, has once again ignited a viral trend in Thailand. The pop idol set social media ablaze when she shared an Instagram clip of herself dancing with friends while enjoying Nongpho-branded milk. In the video, Lisa can be seen holding a pouch of Nongpho chocolate-flavored milk, accompanied by the caption “drink milk before bed.” The clip swiftly captured the attention of Lisa’s adoring fans and garnered significant coverage in the Thai media, with observers highlighting the remarkable soft power that Lisa wields over products she endorses.

The ecstatic response from Lisa’s fans was matched by the delight of the farmers affiliated with Nongpho Ratchaburi Cooperative Limited, operating under the Royal Patronage. Thongsuk Chantharada, owner of Ko Kiat Farm, and Bancha Wongwatthanatrakun, owner of Bancha Farm, expressed their happiness upon witnessing Lisa’s fondness for Nongpho milk. Despite having access to and experience with numerous milk brands, the farmers were overjoyed by Lisa’s preference for Nongpho. Their faces lit up with smiles as they praised the K-pop star’s endorsement.

Both farmers took immense pride in their contribution to the production of high-quality milk, acknowledging the arduous nature of dairy farming, which provides them with no respite. Undeterred by the challenges, Thongsuk and Bancha expressed their desire for Lisa to visit their farms if the opportunity ever arose. They wished to showcase to the public the unwavering determination and hard work involved in producing the milk that graces store shelves.

The origin of Nongpho Cooperative dates back to 1968 when dairy farmers in Ratchaburi faced dire hardships due to an overwhelming surplus of raw milk in the market. Recognizing this plight, the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great championed the cause by commissioning the construction of a powdered milk factory in Nong Pho subdistrict, Photharam district, Ratchaburi province. The initiative received a generous donation of 50 rai of private land and funds in 1970, with King Bhumibol personally allocating resources to support the endeavor. Completed in 1972, the factory was christened the “Nong Pho Powdered Milk Factory” and operated as a limited company. A portion of the profits was dedicated to an education fund for children of Nongpho Cooperative members. Eventually, the project’s assets were transferred to the cooperative, which continues to thrive today.

The Nongpho milk brand finds itself elevated by Lisa’s endorsement, captivating fans and the Thai media alike. With her influential reach, Lisa has once again demonstrated her ability to generate significant attention and enhance the reputation of the products she embraces. The Nongpho Cooperative, its farmers, and the communities it supports can bask in the glow of this newfound recognition, celebrating their dedication to producing quality milk amidst the challenges of dairy farming.

Noah Gallix
Author: Noah Gallix


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