Dolphin Spectacle Delights Tourists as They Playfully Challenge Ferry Boats in Krabi Province


In the realm of social media, a fascinating spectacle has captured the attention of netizens. Numerous videos showcasing dolphins gracefully navigating the waters, engaging in playful dives, and even daring competitions with ferry boats have been widely shared. The phenomenon unfolds amidst the backdrop of the Hua Hin Pier, situated behind the police station, in the enchanting Ko Lanta Noi of the Krabi Province. The resulting thrill and delight experienced by tourists and onlookers alike are undeniable.

Of particular concern is the close proximity of these lively marine mammals to the propellers of the bustling ferry boats. Spectators, including both tourists and locals, find themselves pondering the potential collision of these joyful dolphins with the spinning blades, particularly considering the astonishing proximity at which they swim alongside the car ferry.

In an effort to shed more light on this captivating encounter, our reporter sought out Mr. Natthaphop Pengjam, a 28-year-old individual who happened to capture one of these remarkable dolphin episodes on video. Mr. Pengjam, a resident of Ko Lanta, shared that during his routine ferry trip back to the island, an extraordinary encounter unfolded about halfway through the voyage. A group of approximately 6 to 7 dolphins materialized in the middle of the vast sea. With an air of exuberance, these marine mammals fearlessly approached the ferry, swimming alongside it and even playfully engaging with the car ferry for an extended period before eventually venturing off.

It is worth noting that the area in question is teeming with marine life, including shrimp, shells, crabs, and an abundance of fish, which likely contribute to the dolphins’ affinity for the location. Passengers traversing the ferry route frequently find themselves in the company of these magnificent creatures. While the majority of encounters involve bottlenose dolphins, fortunate individuals might occasionally catch a glimpse of the elusive pink dolphins.

As the allure of this captivating spectacle continues to capture the imagination of all those who witness it, the future interactions between these dolphins and the ferry boats remain a topic of intrigue. Both the passengers and the crews of these vessels are left to ponder the remarkable dynamics at play and eagerly anticipate the next encounter with these graceful inhabitants of the deep.

Courtesy of Siamrath


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