Thai Fresh Bananas and Their Goods to Generate 1.07 Billion Baht in Japan This Year


In a promising development for Thai farmers and businesses, the government projects that the export of Thai fresh bananas and their related products to Japan will yield an impressive 1.07 billion baht this year. The surge in demand for this tropical fruit in the Eastern Asian nation has been a driving force behind this optimistic forecast.

Anucha Burapachaisri, the government spokesperson, highlighted the rising popularity of Thai bananas in Japan, attributing it to their delightful taste and health benefits. Furthermore, these bananas have found favor as a key ingredient in desserts, further contributing to their desirability in the Japanese market. Despite Japan’s unsuitable climate for banana cultivation, the demand for this tropical fruit remains high, necessitating the importation of over 1 million tonnes of bananas annually.

The spokesperson emphasized that Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha, acting in his capacity as Caretaker Prime Minister, expressed his satisfaction with the widespread popularity of Thai bananas and their products in foreign countries. General Prayut Chan-o-cha confidently proclaimed the recognition of Thai fruit quality by numerous nations and urged officials to provide comprehensive support to facilitate the expansion of these opportunities for the Thai people.

Underlining the potential benefits of the Japan-Thailand Economic Partnership Agreement, the spokesperson explained that Thailand can leverage the privileges provided by the agreement. Of particular significance is the exemption of tariffs on 8,000 tonnes of bananas, enabling Thai farmers and businesses to tap into a wider market. Assuring the nation of the government’s preparedness, the spokesperson declared their commitment to promoting Thai fruits on an international scale, meeting the surging global demand, and nurturing the growth of fruit exporters and farmers in the country.

With the current trend favoring Thai fresh bananas in Japan, the government is poised to capitalize on this profitable opportunity. The combination of Japan’s insatiable appetite for this delectable fruit and Thailand’s commitment to quality production ensures that the future remains bright for the country’s agricultural industry.

Deedee Boon
Author: Deedee Boon


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