The Lodge –  A new beginning


The Lodge’s inception sprouted from a simple yet inspiring idea. Local restaurateurs stumbled upon an abandoned venue, envisioning its potential for something extraordinary. With meticulous effort and a fresh perspective, the once-forgotten Baan Bol Hin transformed into a vibrant and captivating destination, ready to create new stories and memories.

Leading the way at The Lodge is Maria, the manager hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina. With over 15 years of experience in management and customer service, she embarked on a journey to seek new horizons and enhance her career and quality of life. Her path led her to Hua Hin and The Lodge, where she passionately pursues her professional and personal aspirations.

Stéphane Moreau, a native of Paris, France, developed a passion for gastronomy in his late twenties and honed his culinary skills in renowned European restaurants. Intrigued by the rich flavors of Asia, he embarked on a culinary journey across the continent, blending Western and Asian cuisines to create a harmonious fusion. With a keen eye on the kitchen, Stéphane continues to innovate and craft new flavors for culinary enthusiasts.

At The Lodge, Maria is supported by a dedicated team of talented chefs and staff who share her commitment to delivering exceptional service. With a collective passion for culinary excellence, they work tirelessly to ensure that every dish served is a masterpiece of taste and presentation. From the skilled chefs who meticulously prepare each ingredient to the attentive staff who attend to every detail, the entire crew is driven by a shared goal: to provide an unforgettable dining experience for every guest. With their expertise, creativity, and unwavering dedication, they form an integral part of The Lodge’s success, working harmoniously to exceed expectations and create lasting memories for all who dine at the establishment.

The Fish Tartare, my first dish, offered a unique experience. The marinated fish, combined with spring onions and bell peppers, presented a refreshing combination of flavors. The dish showcased a pleasant blend of textures, setting a promising tone for the rest of the meal.

Next we moved on to the Beef Carpaccio which was a well-executed dish. The beef was thinly sliced and tender, allowing the flavors to shine. The subtle sesame oil added a pleasant depth, while the keffir lime dressing provided a zesty touch.

The Grilled Salmon Steak, seasoned with thyme and served with the Chef’s selection of vegetables, is a true delight. The salmon is perfectly cooked, flaky, and moist, with a hint of herb-infused goodness. The accompanying vegetables are fresh, vibrant, and complement the dish beautifully. A harmonious and satisfying culinary experience.

The Beef Filet, accompanied by Chimichurri and Bloody Mary Sauce, is a culinary masterpiece. The tender, succulent beef melts in your mouth, while the tangy and vibrant sauces elevate every bite. A flavor explosion that leaves you craving for more. Simply divine!

Nestled in a serene location, The Lodge embraces an enchanting outdoor setting. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, it offers a tranquil escape for diners. The lush greenery, gentle breeze, and scenic views create an idyllic ambiance. Whether enjoying a meal or sipping a drink, guests are immersed in a harmonious connection with nature.

The Lodge, with its humble beginnings and transformative journey, has become a captivating destination where dreams and aspirations are brought to life. Led by Maria, supported by a talented team, and guided by Stéphane’s culinary expertise, they deliver exceptional service and create unforgettable dining experiences. From the unique Fish Tartare to the well-executed Beef Carpaccio and the delightful Grilled Salmon Steak, each dish showcases their dedication to taste, presentation, and culinary mastery. The Beef Filet, with its exquisite flavors and harmonious sauces, exemplifies the culinary masterpiece that awaits at The Lodge. It is a place where passion, creativity, and flavors converge, leaving guests longing for more of its wonderful offerings.


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