Underground Power Cable Project at Pattaya’s Walking Street and Bali Hai Cape


In a joint effort to enhance the infrastructure and aesthetic appeal of Pattaya City, the local authorities have partnered with the Regional Electricity Authority, along with various government and private sector communication agencies, including NT, media organizations, cable television providers, and the national broadcasting corporation (กสทช). The collaboration aims to carry out an extensive project that involves the underground installation of power cables in two prominent locations: the famous Walking Street and Bali Hai Cape.

The project, scheduled to commence in the coming months, will be implemented in multiple stages to ensure a smooth and efficient process. The following is an outline of the proposed plan:

  1. Demolition of Communication Cables (June): In the first phase of the project, slated for June, the existing communication cables will be systematically removed. This step is crucial to create the necessary space for the subsequent installation of underground power cables.
  2. Removal of Low-Voltage Power Cables (July): Once the communication cables have been dismantled, the focus will shift towards eliminating the low-voltage power cables. This stage, scheduled for July, will involve the careful extraction of existing infrastructure, making way for the subsequent phases of the project.
  3. High-Voltage Power Cable and Utility Pole Removal: Following the successful removal of power cables in July, the subsequent steps will involve the removal of high-voltage power cables and utility poles. The specifics and timeline for this phase will be determined based on the progress and effectiveness of the previous stages.

The collaboration between the authorities and the Regional Electricity Authority signifies a concerted effort to modernize and improve the infrastructure of Pattaya City. By relocating the power cables underground, the project aims to enhance the visual appeal of the city’s iconic Walking Street and Bali Hai Cape, creating a more aesthetically pleasing environment for residents and tourists alike.

The implementation of the underground power cable project demonstrates Pattaya City’s commitment to sustainable development and urban beautification. As the plan unfolds, residents and visitors can look forward to a more visually appealing and technologically advanced cityscape, solidifying Pattaya’s position as a premier destination for both leisure and business.

Deedee Boon
Author: Deedee Boon


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