Wat Arun’s Tilting Stupa Monitored Using Advanced 3D Scanning Technology


Advanced 3D scanning technology will be employed by the Fine Arts Department (FAD) as part of their latest initiative to closely monitor the tilting of Wat Arun’s iconic main stupa. This historical and culturally significant site, situated in Bangkok Yai district alongside the majestic Chao Phraya River, has recently shown signs of subtle inclination.

The FAD conducted a comprehensive survey which revealed a slight tilt in the upper section of the main structure, while subsidence has caused four smaller stupas and four adjacent mondop structures to lean slightly towards the main stupa. However, Director General of the FAD, Phanombut Chantharachot, reassured the public that the foundation of the main stupa remains robust and stable, with only the upper part displaying noticeable tilting.

In light of these findings, the FAD has devised a meticulous plan to conduct 3D scanning assessments of the main stupa every three months, diligently monitoring any further changes in its tilt. Should no significant movements be detected, the frequency of data collection will be reduced to once every six months, ultimately transitioning to annual assessments.

The invaluable data gathered through these scanning endeavors will serve as a crucial resource for the FAD, aiding them in strategizing future repairs for this architectural marvel, which traces its roots back to the esteemed Ayutthaya period. By employing these proactive measures, the FAD aims to ensure the long-term preservation of Wat Arun, which stands as a cherished national heritage site.

In response to concerns regarding public safety, Phra Kru Suwatthana Rattanakun, the temple’s secretary-general, announced that access to the main pagoda is currently restricted solely to the second terrace. This precautionary measure is intended to mitigate any potential risks while the FAD continues their diligent efforts to address the structural concerns of this revered temple.

Ansh Dey
Author: Ansh Dey


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