The Big Market Jomtien Introduces Promotions to Boost Tourism Economy in Pattaya


Mr. Tamir Ron, an executive of The Big Market located in Jomtien Soi 16, Jomtien Beach Road, has unveiled a new initiative to support entrepreneurs and invigorate the tourism economy in Pattaya during the low season. Recognizing the slowdown in tourism activities, The Big Market Jomtien aims to stimulate business and provide assistance to traders and sellers by organizing various promotions.

To encourage new entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their businesses and renting space within the market, The Big Market Jomtien has launched an exclusive promotion. As part of this initiative, new entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to sell their products for free for a period of three full months during the low season. The promotional period will run from June 21 to September 30, 2023.

This generous offer is designed to attract budding entrepreneurs and provide them with a platform to showcase their products without the financial burden typically associated with business rentals. By waiving the fees, The Big Market Jomtien hopes to support these new businesses and foster their growth during the quieter months.

Not only will this promotion benefit individual entrepreneurs, but it will also contribute to revitalizing the overall tourism economy in Pattaya. By creating a vibrant marketplace with a diverse range of products, The Big Market Jomtien aims to attract local residents and visitors alike, encouraging them to explore the market and contribute to the local economy.

With this strategic initiative, The Big Market Jomtien demonstrates its commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and fostering a thriving business community in Pattaya. By providing a platform for new businesses to flourish, the market seeks to inject energy and excitement into the city’s low season, helping to sustain the tourism industry and create opportunities for growth.


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