Bangkok Governor Suspends Fire Drills Following Tragic Incident, Prioritizing Safety Measures


In response to a tragic incident at Rachawinit School, Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has taken swift action to prioritize the safety of students and the public. With immediate effect, all fire drills at schools, private offices, and government offices have been suspended until thorough safety checks can be conducted on equipment and demonstration fire extinguishers.

Governor Chadchart’s decision stems from the need to review and enhance fire drill protocols to ensure the highest level of safety. As part of the comprehensive revamp, it has been mandated that only empty fire extinguishers be used during demonstrations, while the use of CO2 extinguishers has been prohibited.

Specifically addressing schools, students will be instructed to observe the drills from the safety of school buildings on higher floors, such as the second or third floors. To ensure that students and the general public receive the necessary guidance on fire safety procedures, a video presentation will be made available.

Governor Chadchart, in his announcement on June 24, disclosed that all fire stations in Bangkok, along with district offices and community leaders, have been assigned the task of inspecting chemical fire extinguishers. Their primary focus will be to check for expiry dates and determine if replacements are necessary. The governor has also emphasized that each station should use its own equipment, prohibiting the use of demonstration fire extinguishers from external sources.

Meanwhile, Deputy Bangkok Governor Tavida Kamolvej has revealed that a fact-finding investigation is currently underway to determine the exact cause of the tragic incident at Rachawinit School. She assured the public that the suspension of fire drills will continue until all necessary safety checks have been completed. This proactive approach aims to prevent any further hazards and allows for the development of more effective fire safety protocols.

Governor Chadchart’s swift action and commitment to ensuring the safety of students, employees, and the general public underscore the importance of thorough safety measures and continuous improvement in fire drill procedures. By conducting comprehensive safety checks and implementing necessary changes, Bangkok aims to create a safer environment for all, minimizing the risk of fire-related incidents in the future.

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