Lan Pho Market Introduces Free Trial for Convenient Parking Solution to Enhance Naklua Market Experience


Pattaya City, Thailand – Pattaya City officials have unveiled a new parking building at Lan Pho Market, aiming to improve the convenience and overall experience for visitors to Naklua market. The five-storey reinforced concrete structure, constructed on state property land, was handed over to the Ministry of Finance representatives in a formal ceremony held on June 28, 2023.

The project, a joint initiative between Pattaya City and the Ministry of Finance, aims to address the parking challenges faced by tourists and locals frequenting the bustling souvenir market. By providing a dedicated parking solution, it is expected to alleviate congestion and promote tourism in the Naklua market area.

Following thorough inspections, the parking building has been deemed ready for public use and will commence a trial period starting from July 3, 2023. During this trial phase, visitors can utilize the facility free of charge. This initiative aims to allow users to experience the benefits of the parking building and provide valuable feedback before a contractor is assigned to manage its operations effectively.

The introduction of the Lan Pho Market parking building is expected to enhance the visitor experience by offering a reliable parking option. The designated parking space will enable visitors to explore the vibrant Naklua market area without the inconvenience of searching for parking spaces.

Local businesses and tourists eagerly anticipate the opening of this new parking facility, which is poised to alleviate parking issues and contribute to a more seamless visit to Naklua market. The trial period presents an opportune time for visitors to take advantage of the free parking service and familiarize themselves with the new addition to Pattaya City’s infrastructure.

Following the trial period, the contractor will assume responsibility for managing the parking facility, ensuring continued convenience and efficient operation. As the Lan Pho Market parking building becomes fully operational, it is expected to serve as a valuable asset for residents and tourists alike.

For further updates and information on the Lan Pho Market parking facility, readers are encouraged to refer to local publications and official announcements from the Pattaya City authorities.

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