Local Community Voices Concerns Over Thepprasit Road Construction


Pattaya City residents have taken a proactive stance in expressing their concerns about the construction of an island in the middle of Thepprasit Road. Led by Mr. Anusit Songkran, a representative from the affected area, the local community has sent a letter to Mayor Beer, urging him to consider the impact of this project on the area’s traffic flow.

The issue was brought to the attention of Pattaya City Mayor, Mr. Poramet Ngamphichet, during a recent meeting at Pattaya City Hall. Accompanied by Mr. Phumphiphat Kamolnat, Secretary to the Mayor, Mr. Anusit Songkran presented a complaint letter, highlighting the adverse effects of the narrowed traffic lane caused by the island’s construction. The media was present to witness this important exchange of viewpoints in the meeting room 132.

Demonstrating their collective opposition, local residents rallied together, displaying signs that read, “Don’t Take the Island in the Middle of Thep Prasit Road.” They made it a point to share the challenges faced due to this construction project with the public, emphasizing the need for Pattaya City to listen and address their concerns. The community has expressed their willingness to sign a letter that will be sent to the Pattaya City administration for consideration.

In response to these concerns, Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet assured the public that Pattaya City is actively working on adjusting the plan to improve the situation. One of the proposed measures includes the closure of certain areas and the addition of u-turn points to enhance convenience for the public.

However, should the construction of Thep Prasit Road be completed as planned, traffic lights will be installed, and additional lighting will be implemented to reduce the risk of accidents. These measures are expected to facilitate safer traffic flow, with the road anticipated to be fully operational by September.

On June 27, 2023, Mayor Beer, accompanied by the council, approved the opening of two more u-turn points on Thep Prasit Road. The Prime Minister personally visited the area to study the situation and improve the design of the u-turn points. This decision came after villagers affected by the island’s construction voiced their concerns and requested adjustments to the u-turn points on May 6, 2023.

During the recent Pattaya City Council meeting on June 26, 2023, Mayor Poramet Ngamphichet raised the urgency of the matter and sought opinions from the council members regarding the ongoing issue. He acknowledged that the residents of Thepprasit Housing Authority had previously filed numerous complaints and that the city had been exploring suitable solutions from the project’s inception.

As part of the proposed adjustments, Pattaya City is considering expanding the number of u-turn points from four to five, along with the addition of a red light intersection. This will include two new u-turn points, each measuring 25 meters, at the entrance of Soi 8 Thepprasit and in front of the Colosseum. Furthermore, another u-turn point will be positioned opposite the entrance of Soi 1-5-8-17, and an intersection will be established between Soi 6-7.

The Pattaya City administration aims to address the concerns raised by the local community and ensure that the construction of Thepprasit Road takes into account the needs of both residents and commuters. Through ongoing discussions and adjustments to the project, the city authorities strive to create a safer and more efficient road network for all stakeholders involved.

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