2nd Royal Volunteer Scout Gathering: Uniting Scouts in Krabi Province for a Meaningful Cause


In a remarkable gathering that took place at the scenic Scout Camp in Krabi Province, Ban Talat Kao, Krabi Yai Subdistrict, Deputy Governor of Krabi Province, Mr. Somchai Hanphakdee Patima, presided over the grand opening ceremony of the 2nd Royal Volunteer Scout Gathering. This prestigious event, which was held from 1st to 4th July 2023, brought together a total of 417 individuals, including 317 youth Scouts and Girl Scouts from 17 educational institutions, along with their dedicated Royal Volunteer Commanders.

The gathering, held under the theme of “Doing Good Deeds with Our Hearts for the Nation, Religion, and King,” aimed to commemorate the benevolence of His Majesty King Rama VI, the visionary leader who initiated the Thai Boy Scouts movement. Additionally, the event sought to honor the present monarch, His Majesty King Ramathibodi Sri Sinthon Maha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklao Chao Yu Hua, and foster knowledge, competence, and academic skills among the Scouts and Girl Scouts through collaborative activities and knowledge exchange.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the presentation of pins and scout scarves to the dedicated participants. Three esteemed volunteer scout leaders in Krabi Province were also bestowed with special recognition for their invaluable contributions. This gesture symbolized the commitment of these individuals and served as a testament to their loyalty to the nation, religion, and monarchy.

Addressing the enthusiastic crowd, Deputy Governor Mr. Somchai Hanphakdee Patima expressed his gratitude for the graciousness of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Phra Vajiraklao Chao Yu Hua, who had bestowed the Royal Volunteer Scout Course. This course provided every scout and scout group with an opportunity to engage in volunteer work and support their fellow citizens. Furthermore, the participants were honored with the Royal Volunteer Boy Scout Emblem, a symbolic representation of their dedication to volunteerism, as per the guidelines of the National Scout Office’s Royal Volunteer Scout Project.

Recognizing the commitment and voluntary participation of the scouts in the Royal Volunteer Scout Program, Mr. Somchai Hanphakdee Patima commended their dedication and emphasized the significance of their involvement. He expressed his hopes that the skills acquired during this event would be utilized in managing training programs and establishing volunteer scout units in various educational institutions. He entrusted the responsibility to the school administrators and scout directors to instill a sense of pride and loyalty in the scouts, nurturing their volunteer spirit and reinforcing their dedication to the nation, religion, and monarchy.

The deputy governor highlighted the importance of embedding these values deeply in the minds of the scouts to ensure the sustainability of their volunteerism. Loyalty to the nation, religion, and monarchy was deemed a crucial aspect that should be embraced by all participants. This shared understanding would enable the scouts to practice their volunteer spirit in a continuous and meaningful manner, making a positive and lasting impact on their communities.

Undoubtedly, the 2nd Royal Volunteer Scout Gathering held in Krabi Province was an event of great significance, providing a platform for young Scouts and Girl Scouts to demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility. The exchange of knowledge and the cultivation of loyalty showcased their dedication to the principles of the scouting movement. As the ceremony concluded, the impact of this gathering reverberated throughout the province, inspiring a new generation of volunteer leaders ready to make a difference in their communities.

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