Thai Armed Forces Enhance Preparedness Through Joint Medical Training Exercise


The Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, in collaboration with the Military Medicine Coordination Center and Military Command Center, recently conducted a joint training exercise involving various medical units. The exercise took place at the Armed Forces Development Command in Phanom Sarakham District, Chachoengsao province, with the primary objective of enhancing preparedness among the participating agencies.

The exercise focused on exchanging expertise and knowledge between medical units from the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Navy, Royal Thai Air Force, and the Royal Thai Police. It aimed to equip these units with the necessary skills to effectively respond to various emergency scenarios, showcasing their capabilities in providing medical support during crises. Additionally, the exercise challenged the units to demonstrate their ability to thrive in emergency situations.

With the participation of 150 personnel, the exercise simulated various key activities such as managing mass casualties, providing medical services under challenging environmental conditions, conducting water rescue missions, performing air evacuations, and responding to mass shooting incidents.

The training exercise aimed to enhance the medical readiness of the armed forces and strengthen coordination among different units in emergency operations. It also fostered cooperation among the medical units, encouraging the sharing of resources and equipment during future emergency situations.

Noah Gallix
Author: Noah Gallix


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