New L6 and N3 Lottery Formats Set to Enhance Thailand’s Government Lottery Program


Thailand’s caretaker government is moving forward with its plan to introduce the new L6 and N3 formats of the government lottery, following their endorsement by the Cabinet. With the objective of bolstering the government lottery program and boosting state revenue, related agencies are diligently working on introducing the necessary regulations and rules before the official launch to the general public.

The L6 format entails a six-digit lottery, while the N3 format revolves around a three-digit lottery, and both of these new lottery programs come with distinct features in terms of availability and rewards.

In a recent announcement, Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek disclosed that the Cabinet, during its weekly meeting, had given the green light to three draft announcements and ministerial regulations concerning the new lottery products.

The N3 lotteries will be exclusively available through online channels. This particular lottery type offers rewards to participants who have matching numbers in certain digits. On the other hand, the L6 lotteries will be accessible both through online and offline channels. Each drawing will have 14,168 winners distributed across various reward categories.

One key difference between the L6 and N3 lotteries lies in the option to accumulate rewards from one drawing cycle to the next in the event of no winners. However, this accumulation is limited to two consecutive cycles only. Afterward, any unclaimed rewards from the previous month will be considered state revenue, contributing to various government initiatives.

The drawing for both the L6 and N3 lotteries is scheduled to take place on the 1st and 16th day of each month. This fixed schedule allows participants to anticipate and engage in the excitement of the lottery twice every month.

With the introduction of the L6 and N3 formats, the Thai government aims to create a more dynamic and rewarding lottery experience for the public while enhancing the overall revenue generation from the state lottery program. As the regulations and rules are put in place, citizens eagerly anticipate the launch of these new lottery formats, hoping for a chance to win and contribute to various state projects and initiatives.


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