Exploring Thailand’s Economic Potential: Young Indian Entrepreneurs Delve into Pattaya’s Enchanting Floating Markets


A delegation of bright and ambitious entrepreneurs from the Northeast of India, led by Mr. Chayanin Sriwiset, First Secretary of the Royal Thai Embassy in New Delhi, Republic of India, embarked on a fascinating exploration of Thailand’s economic landscape. Between 17 – 21 July 2023, this enterprising group set their sights on Pattaya’s renowned floating markets, eager to study and learn from the vibrant tapestry of opportunities that Thailand’s tourism industry offers.

Guided by Mr. Manus Meepong, President of the executives at the 4 floating markets in Pattaya, the visiting delegation was warmly welcomed with a traditional long drum dance performance and refreshing Thai-style young coconut water. As they absorbed the rich history of these floating markets, the Indian entrepreneurs couldn’t help but be captivated by the distinctive Thai identity, way of life, and architectural charm that permeated the marketplaces.

Mr. Manat Meepong, in his gracious welcome speech, expressed delight in sharing their success story of building the Pattaya Floating Market 4 from scratch. He emphasized how they harnessed the essence of Thainess, combining it with the appeal of retro Thai-style dining by the picturesque river, making it a thriving business that has earned both revenue and admiration from global visitors.

Enthusiastic participant Mr. Teja, one of the young entrepreneurs from India, admitted to being familiar with Pattaya but had never experienced the floating market before. Intrigued by the novelty and uniqueness of the place, he expressed a desire to revisit in the future.

Mr. Wananusorn Juapmee, the Sales and Marketing Manager, took the opportunity to brief the faculty about the tourism industry and its evolution at the Pattaya Floating Market. He addressed their keen interest in understanding how the market came into being, its progress, and the strategies that have sustained its success.

The endeavor was part of the “Emerging & Young Entrepreneurs of the Northeastern India Program” initiated by the Royal Thai Embassy in New Delhi. The project aimed to offer young entrepreneurs from South Asia insights into Thailand’s economic potential, specifically in the realm of tourism management. The visit enabled them to gain invaluable knowledge and network with Thai entrepreneurs, while immersing themselves in the charm of Pattaya’s floating markets—a tourist attraction that masterfully showcases Thai culture and Thainess to international visitors.

Pattaya Floating Market serves as a testament to the power of transforming vacant land into a thriving tourist destination, generating substantial income for Pattaya City and the broader tourism industry in Thailand. The delegation found inspiration in this success story, seeking to apply these learnings to enhance high-value tourism within their own contexts.

The cross-cultural exchange was a testament to the enduring ties between India and Thailand, fostering a spirit of collaboration and shared growth. As young Indian entrepreneurs return home, they carry with them newfound insights and experiences that are sure to shape their ventures positively and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of global entrepreneurship.

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