Khon Kaen Zoo Emerges as Thailand’s First Dark Sky Stargazing Sanctuary


Khon Kaen Zoo has achieved a remarkable milestone by being designated as Thailand’s very first Dark Sky Preserve, a prestigious recognition granted in collaboration with the National Astronomical Research Institute and the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). With this coveted certification and registration in 2023, the zoo’s visionary director, Mr. Narongwit Chodchoi, wasted no time in spearheading the development of the area into a captivating stargazing haven, elevating the travel experience for nocturnal enthusiasts.

Mr. Narongwit Chodchoi shared his enthusiasm for participating in the “AMAZING DARK SKY IN THAILAND” project, which honors regions adhering to dark sky conservation guidelines, inviting tourists to relish the breathtaking beauty of nature after sundown. The committee’s evaluation results for 2023 led to the inclusion of Khon Kaen Zoo in the list of Dark Sky Conservation Areas, marking it as the first such sanctuary in the outskirts of Khon Kaen province and the pioneer among zoos in Thailand to gain this esteemed recognition for stargazing. Notably, it secured a spot among the 18 prime stargazing locations across the country.

Embracing the significance of balancing tourist attraction development and wildlife conservation research, Khon Kaen Zoo has been relentless in its commitment to preserving natural resources and the environment. The endeavor to create an entirely new travel experience has drawn tourists eager to encounter diverse wildlife and indulge in the zoo’s room services amid a celestial backdrop.

Mr. Narongkhawit expressed his pride in the management team’s successful efforts in fostering the zoo’s interior attractions. The dedication of the zoo’s officers and employees has been instrumental in driving tourism growth while simultaneously safeguarding wildlife and the environment for future generations. A noteworthy measure taken by Khon Kaen Zoo includes the implementation of lamp covers within the zoo premises. This measure efficiently regulates the amount of light emitted from the lamps, ensuring that stargazing enthusiasts can revel in the night sky without any disruptions caused by artificial illumination.

As Khon Kaen Zoo stands proudly as the inaugural dark sky stargazing sanctuary in Thailand, the achievement serves as an inspiring example of promoting sustainable tourism practices and embracing the wonder of nature even after the sun sets. Tourists are welcomed to partake in a truly unique experience that blends wildlife encounters with the marvels of the cosmos, creating cherished memories that will linger in their hearts for years to come.

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