Samae San Fishing Fleet Seeks Shelter Amidst Monsoon Warnings


As the southwest monsoon swept over the Andaman Sea, the South, and the Gulf of Thailand, the Meteorological Department sounded the alarm during 19-20 July 2023. The region braced for the impact of this robust monsoonal system, anticipated to bring heavy to very heavy rainfall in various parts of Thailand. Consequently, warnings urged people to exercise caution due to the potential dangers of flash floods and accumulating rain, particularly in foothill slopes near waterways and lowland areas. Travelers were also advised to exercise heightened vigilance while traversing areas with thunderstorms.

In the wake of these precautionary advisories, the Sattahip District in Chonburi Province, specifically the vicinity of Samae San Bay, witnessed a significant response from local fishermen. Amid the monsoon’s relentless approach, a majority of the fishermen in the Samae San sub-district decided to halt their fishing activities. Taking no chances with the tempestuous weather, they prudently docked more than 300 large and small fishing boats at the coastal pier and anchored them strategically at the sheltered mouth of the bay, seeking protection behind the shield of nearby islands.

This proactive approach to safety exemplifies the cautious measures adopted by the fishing community in Samae San to safeguard both their livelihoods and vessels amidst the monsoonal challenges. With the unpredictable nature of the monsoon, prioritizing coastal safety becomes paramount, and the collective effort of the fishermen is a testament to their resilience and commitment to preserving their assets and well-being during these adverse weather conditions.

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