Pattaya City Mayor Unveils 1-Year Performance and Smart City Goals


Pattaya City, a vibrant and bustling destination, is making significant strides in its development and progress. On July 25, 2023, Pattaya City Hall hosted a press conference, led by Mr. Poramate Ngamphichet, the Mayor of Pattaya City, along with Mr. Wuttisak Raemkikan, Mr. Manoch Nongyai, and Ms. Thitiphan Petchtrakul, the Deputy Mayors of Pattaya City. This press conference offered an in-depth review of the city’s one-year performance and unveiled the substantial progress made towards achieving four main concrete goals, all aimed at elevating Pattaya City to an international standard and fostering its transformation into a smart city.

Economic Recovery and Tourism Revival: One of the primary focuses of Pattaya City’s efforts has been on economic recovery through revitalizing its tourism sector. The city organized various tourism activities, such as the highly successful International Fireworks Festival, which not only attracted tourists but also boosted the local economy. Pattaya City has been receiving international recognition, with the recent International Fireworks event earning a gold medal from South Korea, further solidifying the city’s appeal as a global tourist destination.

Enhancing Quality of Life: Over the past 12 months, Pattaya City has undertaken numerous initiatives to improve the quality of life for its residents and visitors alike. The city has diligently worked on clearing pending projects, including vital roads like Thep Prasit Road and Pattaya Sai 2, which were long-awaited since before the COVID-19 period. Additionally, extensive efforts have been made to upgrade various infrastructure systems into the digital realm, ensuring greater efficiency and open data accessibility for multiple agencies. The city’s focus on solving flooding problems and enhancing road safety, such as installing smoking pits at strategic junctions, has further improved the living conditions for the community.

Driving NEO Pattaya Strategy: Recognizing the importance of Koh Larn, a top tourist attraction, Pattaya City has placed a strong emphasis on developing the island as part of its NEO Pattaya strategy. This includes elevating the Koh Larn office, assigning a deputy permanent secretary for direct supervision, leading to quicker decision-making and emergency response by helicopter if required. Additionally, the city is actively overseeing the waste incinerator project on the island and exploring ways to make tap water from seawater, although this technology is yet to match the efficiency of mainland tap water. Plans are underway to study the installation of water pipes to bring tap water to Koh Larn. Pattaya City also aims to upgrade the Old Town in Naklua, making it more accessible for tourists through the construction of the Lan Pho intelligent parking building, enhancing parks and playgrounds, and increasing green spaces to promote a safer and more enjoyable experience for visitors along Pattaya Beach Road.

Education and Technology Development: Pattaya City aspires to become a prominent center in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) and is actively investing in technology to achieve this goal. The implementation of 90 intelligent poles across the city, equipped with features like lighting, Wi-Fi, smart circuit cameras, and PM2.5 monitoring, aims to enhance city management and support various budgets effectively. These projects and policies form the bedrock of Pattaya City’s steady growth, leading it on the path to becoming a fully-fledged Smart City – a vision for the future.

Speaking about the challenges faced in managing a city with a population of approximately 1.2 million, including transient residents and tourists, Mayor Poramate Ngamphichet stressed the importance of cooperation among relevant agencies to address the city’s diverse needs effectively. Despite encountering hurdles during his tenure, Mayor Poramate expressed his commitment to working diligently and tirelessly for the betterment of Pattaya City. He acknowledged the significant role played by government officials in driving various policies aimed at uplifting the city’s development. However, he emphasized that tackling the multitude of issues requires collective effort and cooperation from all stakeholders.

Mayor Poramate also acknowledged the influence of social media on modern governance, calling for adherence to Dharma principles in conducting their responsibilities. Social media platforms have enabled efficient communication and information dissemination, benefiting the public. However, the Mayor also highlighted the potential drawbacks, such as prejudice and false accusations, that can arise on these platforms, urging all involved parties to approach the use of social media responsibly and wisely.

As Pattaya City continues its journey towards progress and transformation, it is evident that the dedication and cooperation of its leadership and citizens will play a pivotal role in achieving the city’s ambitious goals. The commitment to making Pattaya City an international hub and a smart city is indeed a testament to the city’s determination to thrive in the ever-changing global landscape.

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