Prachuap Khiri Khan Intensifies Efforts to Locate Missing Local Fisherman Lost at Sea


In the picturesque coastal province of Prachuap Khiri Khan, an urgent search and rescue mission is underway to find a young fisherman who went missing at sea on July 23, 2023. The incident occurred near the waters of Klongwan Subdistrict Municipality, approximately 3.5 nautical miles from the shore.

Acting Major Adisak Noisuwan, Deputy Governor of Prachuap Khiri Khan, assumed the governor’s responsibilities and took charge of the efforts to locate the missing fisherman. He was joined by Mr. Komkrit Charoenphatanasombat, Deputy Governor of Prachuap Province, as they convened a meeting with various operating units involved in the search and rescue operation.

Among the agencies present were the National Maritime Interest Administration Center (Sorachol) Prachuap Province, Prachuap Province Provincial Security Office, Ao Noi Marine Fisheries Prevention and Suppression Unit (Prachuap Khiri Khan), Prachuap Bay Local Fisheries Association, Sawang Prachuap Thammasat Foundation, and volunteers from the Jet Ski community.

Upon receiving the initial report from Mr. Wissanu Pinochoey, the owner of the local fishing boat named Aj Lap Wissanu, who informed authorities about the incident, immediate action was taken. A total of 32 local fishing boats, 2 fishing patrol boats, and 2 volunteer jet skis began the search within a 6-7 mile radius from the accident site. Despite their dedicated efforts throughout the day, the missing fisherman’s body could not be found, and the operation had to be called off due to challenging weather conditions at night.

However, the search and rescue mission did not conclude there. The Provincial Security Office has set up a comprehensive system for further search efforts, ensuring better organization and coordination among the involved parties. The Prachuap Sor Chon Buri Unit has been entrusted to determine actions and maintain communication at sea. Meanwhile, on land, the Provincial Security Office is actively coordinating and supporting water operations, deploying rescue boats, highway police, speed boats, and additional jet skis.

The concerted search operation is scheduled to resume on July 25, commencing at 7:00 am, with all resources and personnel concentrated at the entrance to the sea in front of the Amazon Head House, located along the fence of Wing 5. Deputy Governor Major Adisak Noisuwan emphasized the significance of the search and the utmost importance of finding the missing fisherman swiftly and safely. His reassurance and support have also been extended to the worried family during this distressing time.

Notably, the local community has shown tremendous solidarity, as volunteers from the Jet Ski community stepped forward to offer their assistance in the search efforts. To facilitate their efforts, support has been provided, including the provision of necessary fuel for the jet skis.

As Prachuap Khiri Khan unites in their resolve to locate the missing fisherman, the collaborative efforts between authorities, local fishing units, and concerned citizens stand as a testament to the region’s sense of community and compassion. The hope remains that the young fisherman will be found without delay, bringing solace to his loved ones and ensuring the safety and well-being of all involved in the search operation.

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