Empowering Women and Enhancing Livelihoods: Prachuap Khiri Khan’s Debt Mediation and Coconut Broom Training Initiatives


In a commendable effort to uplift women and bolster livelihood opportunities, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province orchestrated an array of impactful initiatives. On a significant day, July 25, 2023, Acting Mayor Adisak Noisuwan, deputizing for the Governor, presided over a debt mediation activity organized by the Women Empowerment Fund. The event was further graced by dignitaries, including Mr. Kittipong Sukphakkul, Mr. Komkrit Charoenphattanasombat, Mr. Ongkharak Thongniramon, and Deputy Governor Mr. Damrong Makrachan, as well as heads of government agencies, civil servants, and members of the Women Empowerment Fund, all converging at the 60th Anniversary Celebration Park in front of the City Hall.

The debt mediation project, central to alleviating financial burdens for debtors, is a key mission of the Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Women Empowerment Fund for the fiscal year 2023. The Department of Community Development’s executives have expressed profound commitment and vigilance towards this initiative, recognizing its direct impact on the well-being and quality of life of women in the area. The drive is characterized by close collaboration with network partners, Women Empowerment Fund members, and community development officers, all united to strengthen the Women Empowerment Fund and maximize its benefits for women in the region.

In parallel, the event also featured activities dedicated to bolstering income security for the elderly and unemployed individuals within the community. By harnessing the potential of coconut broom production, the initiative aims to promote career development and generate sustainable income for the people in the region. The coconut broom, emblematic of the province’s identity, is positioned as a product that not only empowers individuals but also contributes to the economic vitality of the community.

Prachuap Khiri Khan’s multifaceted approach to empowering women and enhancing livelihoods reflects the province’s commitment to fostering social and economic development. Through debt mediation and coconut broom training, the region endeavors to create a thriving environment where women can flourish, communities can prosper, and individuals can aspire to a better quality of life.


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