TAT Showcases Pang-nga’s Wellness Paradise to Foster Health Tourism


In a proactive initiative to promote the allure of health and wellness tourism, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) orchestrated a captivating familiarization trip to Pang-nga province. The expedition, held on 22-23 July, welcomed foreign media representatives and partners, offering an immersive experience in the scenic Khao Lak area of Phang-nga.

During the fam trip, participants delved into the value and significance of health and wellness tourism, engaging in an array of enriching activities that catered to both physical and mental well-being. The journey’s highlights included indulging in the natural hot spring baths and boiling eggs at Tha Nam Plai Pu Hot Spring, riding the waves at Memories Beach, embracing serenity through yoga and meditation sessions, and honing creative skills in handicraft workshops like batik painting. Additionally, participants were treated to the exquisite flavors of local delicacies, known for their Michelin-level quality.

The fam trip played a crucial role in supporting the “Amazing Thailand Health and Wellness Tourism: New Chapters, New Experience” project, which aims to elevate Thailand’s wellness tourism offerings on the global stage by making them stand out and excel. By showcasing Pang-nga’s hidden gems, the TAT seeks to captivate discerning travelers seeking transformative experiences that encompass holistic well-being.

Parallel to the fam trip, the TAT launched an online marketing campaign entitled “Thailand Meaningful Wellness.” This pioneering campaign curates more than 140 newly-designed Meaningful Wellness packages from leading health and wellness establishments across the country. The project is anticipated to invigorate travel activities and contribute significantly to generating revenue, aiming to reach at least 12 million baht.

For travelers seeking to embark on a transformative wellness journey amidst Thailand’s natural splendor, the TAT invites them to explore the “Thailand Meaningful Wellness” offerings. For more information and to embark on a wellness quest, visit www.thailandmeaningfulwellness or connect with the Facebook page: Thailand Meaningful Wellness.

With the TAT’s proactive endeavors to promote health and wellness tourism, Pang-nga emerges as a captivating paradise for those yearning for an all-encompassing wellness experience, all set to entice and welcome globetrotters with open arms.


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