Koh Lan’s Green Sea: Plankton Bloom Creates Breathtaking Natural Phenomenon


A stunning sight on Koh Lan, Pattaya, caught the attention of social media users as images of the sea water turning vibrant green went viral. Referred to as “Plankton Bloom” or “Whale Poop Invasion,” the natural occurrence has sparked fascination and curiosity among tourists and locals alike.

Tourists at Ta Waen Beach on Koh Lan were surprised by the green sea but continued to enjoy their vacation without any hesitations. Other beaches on the island, such as Nuan Beach, Tien Beach, and Samae Beach, remained unaffected, with clear and inviting waters for visitors to revel in.

Mr. Sorasak Thongbongphet, the secretary to the chairman of the Koh Lan community, reassured the public that the green sea is a normal and natural event that occurs around 2-3 days at the start of the rainy season. Freshwater flowing into the sea during this time can lead to the change in color. The phenomenon typically occurs at beaches with nearby freshwater canals, like Ta Waen Beach and Ta Yai Beach.

The Plankton Bloom is a transient event, lasting 3-4 days and rarely exceeding a week. It poses no danger to swimmers or marine life and eventually subsides on its own. Tourists are encouraged not to be alarmed and are welcome to enjoy their holiday as usual. The island’s allure remains intact, offering breathtaking views and memorable experiences for all visitors.


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