Hua Hin City Promotes Zumba Dance Exercise Program Supported by Health Security Fund


On July 31, 2023, Mr. Nopporn Wuthikul, Mayor of Hua Hin City, Prachuap Province, inaugurated the Zumba exercise promotion program at the Golden Sea Hotel in Hua Hin District. The program received budget support from the Health Security Fund (SorSor.Sor.) for promoting Zumba exercise in the municipality during the fiscal year 2023.

The initiative aims to address the growing health concerns related to sedentary lifestyles and improper eating habits in the community. The lack of physical activity puts individuals at risk of developing health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

Zumba dancing, the highlight of the program, offers an enjoyable and effective way to burn calories and reduce excess fat. Within an hour of dancing, participants can burn up to 800-1,000 calories, targeting areas like arms, hips, thighs, and building abdominal and back muscles for improved body shape.

The Zumba exercise program is designed to be fun, resembling dancing at a party, with simple moves that anyone can follow. Certified instructors lead the sessions, incorporating various choreographies to keep participants engaged and motivated.

Moreover, Hua Hin City extends the invitation to the public to participate in these beneficial and enjoyable Zumba activities every Wednesday and Friday at Suan Luang Queen, 19 rai, free of charge. The program aims to encourage more people to embrace regular exercise and lead healthier lifestyles.

Noah Gallix
Author: Noah Gallix


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