Move Forward Party Gathers Public Opinion on Prime Ministerial Vote


In a recent gathering of the Move Forward Party, members of parliament (MPs) hailing from diverse constituencies have been entrusted with a vital mission – to embark on journeys within their local realms and solicit the valuable sentiments of the public regarding the forthcoming prime ministerial voting procedure.

Pakamon Noon-anan, an esteemed party-list MP and the Deputy Spokesperson for the Move Forward Party, divulged that the discourse during the executive committee meeting and subsequent assembly of party MPs on Tuesday, August 8, did not delve into the subject of selecting the next prime minister. However, it was decisively resolved that district-based MPs would undertake the crucial task of canvassing the populace’s viewpoints on the voting dynamics and the party’s stance. The underlying principle was that a true consensus could only be achieved by amplifying the resonant voice of the people.

Advancing the narrative, Pol Maj Gen Supisan Pakdeenaruenart, Deputy Leader of the Move Forward Party, revealed that a forthcoming parliamentary session might witness a proposition aimed at extending support to the Pheu Thai Party. This act, albeit entailing a positioning of Move Forward in the opposition spectrum, would underscore the party’s commitment to its convictions. Nonetheless, Pakamon was quick to elucidate that this stance was an individual perspective articulated by Supisan and had yet to traverse the corridors of the executive committee meeting for collective deliberation.

Pakamon ardently refuted the conjecture that backing Pheu Thai without formal coalition involvement would signify a debilitating blow to the very essence of Move Forward Party. She was unwavering in her assertion that such a trajectory was wholly unacceptable, for it would essentially equate to a truncation of the democratic electoral process. Expounding further, she underscored the necessity of a comprehensive evaluation of the Pheu Thai Party’s dynamics vis-à-vis the prevailing political milieu.

Furthermore, the Move Forward Party has undertaken a comprehensive agenda aimed at initiating multiple legislative amendments within the hallowed halls of the Parliament. A constellation of nine draft laws is poised to be proposed, encapsulating key themes of local decentralization, anti-corruption protocols, and an embrace of diversity, all of which coalesce to sculpt a promising future for the nation.

Author: phacharaphonk


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