Phuket’s Green Ambitions: Forging a Low-Carbon Paradise Through Innovative Sustainability


The picturesque island province of Phuket is setting its sights on a groundbreaking transformation into a low-carbon haven, placing its bets on visionary development blueprints that zero in on waste management and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. The ambitious agenda is steering the region towards a future brimming with eco-tourism prospects and environmental sustainability.

Governor Narong Woonciew of Phuket has unveiled an impressive strategy to pave the way for this green revolution. The province’s administrative authorities recently convened with prominent public and environmental agencies, collectively orchestrating a comprehensive roadmap for efficient food waste management. This dynamic blueprint boasts a holistic approach, uniting all stakeholders in the pursuit of an ecologically harmonious Phuket.

A pivotal partnership is taking shape between the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation and the Phuket municipality, with the shared mission of propelling waste management awareness among local inhabitants and businesses. Fueled by innovation, the strategy envisages the establishment of an ingenious data collection platform. This cutting-edge system is slated to capture a trove of information regarding surplus waste, subsequently enabling the formulation of waste disposal strategies of unparalleled efficiency.

As concerns mount over escalating carbon emissions, recent data reveals that Phuket’s output stood at a staggering 3.1 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2019. What rings alarm bells is the ominous projection that this figure could balloon to a daunting 4.6 million tonnes by 2030. The linchpin behind this unsettling surge lies in Phuket’s historic neglect of waste separation. A glaring 50% of discarded waste constitutes food remnants, a statistic that stakeholders are resolutely committed to revamp.

Eminent voices echo the chorus for change. Wattanapong Suksai, the venerable Director of the Phuket Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office, is at the helm of catalyzing a decisive shift. With an unwavering gaze towards climate change mitigation, Suksai underscores the concerted efforts to prune greenhouse gas emissions. The pivotal goal is to chisel Phuket’s annual greenhouse gas output down to an impressive 440,000 tonnes by the dawn of 2030.

As Phuket marches towards its destiny as an eco-friendly haven, the stage is set for a grand transformation that resonates far beyond its pristine shores. The province’s determined journey to transcend its carbon footprint underscores an enduring commitment to environmental stewardship, beckoning a radiant future where nature and human endeavor harmonize in perfect synchrony.


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