Chairman Exposes Elaborate Fake Facebook Scheme: Urgent Action Needed Against Online Impersonation


Hua Hin, August 21, 2023 – In a significant development, Mr. Taweesin Phatthanaphirus, the esteemed Chairman of the Prachuap Khiri Khan Provincial Administrative Organization Council, has lodged a formal complaint with the Hua Hin Police Station. Armed with a substantial body of evidence, Mr. Phatthanaphirus detailed the alarming rise of criminal syndicates employing a disconcerting modus operandi. These nefarious groups, as he elucidated, brazenly capture candid moments from individuals’ daily lives and public gatherings, subsequently fabricating counterfeit Facebook profiles. These profiles are meticulously engineered to mimic genuine users. Some even adopt identical names, leaving acquaintances and friends none the wiser.

Evidently perturbed by the persistence of this fraudulent scheme, Mr. Phatthanaphirus disclosed that this wasn’t the first instance of his reporting the matter. Regrettably, the miscreants seemed undeterred by legal consequences, swiftly closing down compromised profiles only to resurface with fresh ones. Over the course of a mere six months, the Chairman unveiled a staggering revelation – over 15 counterfeit Facebook accounts had been identified. Notably, TikTok accounts had also been employed in these machinations. This ongoing scourge, he lamented, had cast a shadow of distress and ignominy over the community.

In an exclusive interview, Mr. Thaweesin elucidated, “The gravity of this situation cannot be overstated. While apprehending these malefactors poses a formidable challenge, their activities pose a grave societal menace. We implore the law enforcement agencies to fervently pursue these perpetrators. Furthermore, I urge my friends and followers to remain vigilant and impervious to such deceitful ploys. Financial losses, once incurred, are nigh irretrievable.”

Adding a law enforcement perspective, Pol. Lt. Col. Jakraphat Janthiang, Deputy Superintendent of the Hua Hin Police Station, offered insights into the culprits’ modus operandi. He divulged that these fraudsters specifically targeted individuals possessing celebrity status, striking appearance, and thriving careers. With audacity, they pilfered personal photos to construct counterfeit Facebook profiles, orchestrating a web of deception. Fortunately, financial losses had been thus far averted, however, the potential was ominously palpable.

Pol. Lt. Col. Janthiang made a pertinent plea to potential victims, urging them to maintain meticulous records and documentation of their interactions. He further advised anyone who may have fallen victim to promptly supply pertinent details, such as transaction evidence and account information, to the police. These pivotal details, he assured, would facilitate the investigatory process, bolstering efforts to bring these malefactors to justice.

As the community grapples with this insidious digital subterfuge, it is imperative that vigilance and awareness remain paramount. The fight against such online deception requires a concerted effort from both law enforcement agencies and the vigilant populace.


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