High-Level Talks Between Chinese and Thai Officials Foster Enhanced Bilateral Cooperation


In a significant diplomatic rendezvous, the Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, engaged in discussions with his Thai counterpart, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai, during the latter’s official visit to Beijing. The meeting yielded mutual commitments to bolster cooperation across diverse domains, with an emphasis on regional dynamics and economic collaboration.

Reaffirming the robust foundation of their bilateral ties, both Wang and Pramudwinai expressed confidence that the evolution of their relationship would remain resilient despite shifts in global circumstances or shifts on the domestic front within Thailand. Wang, a key figure in the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, voiced his belief that Thailand’s enduring stability and growth trajectory would persist.

In a proactive stance, Wang articulated China’s enthusiasm to deepen collaboration across a spectrum of sectors with Thailand. He underscored the urgency of expediting the development of crucial infrastructure projects, including the China-Thailand railway and the interlinking China-Laos-Thailand railway network. Notably, Wang also championed collective endeavors to combat transnational criminal enterprises, specifically highlighting the menace of telecom fraud.

Extending China’s cooperative stance, Wang underscored its unwavering commitment to bolstering the ASEAN community’s growth and prominence. He expressed resolute support for ASEAN centrality and a united push towards establishing a hub of economic advancement.

In his remarks, the Chinese foreign minister outlined his nation’s eagerness to collaborate closely with ASEAN nations in fast-tracking consultations concerning the Code of Conduct in the South China Sea. The goal was to expedite the formulation of robust and effective regional regulations, ultimately cultivating an environment of amity, cooperation, and tranquility within the South China Sea. Wang issued a caution against external forces aiming to incite factional conflicts or propagate Cold War ideologies, both of which could imperil the hard-earned stability in the region.

Amidst the backdrop of mounting global and regional uncertainties, the Thai Deputy Prime Minister articulated his nation’s readiness to escalate dialogues and interactions with China. A shared commitment to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation across diverse sectors was underscored, with a particular emphasis on advancing the pivotal China-Laos-Thailand railway connection, with a view towards fostering shared prosperity and development.


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