Municipal Leaders Spearhead Traffic Discipline Drive on South Pattaya Road


In an earnest effort to enhance road safety and traffic discipline, Mr. Bier, the mayor, led a team of municipal executives to the ground on August 23rd, 2566. Accompanied by Mr. Promesworn, the Pattaya City Mayor, the team collaborated with the local police station to embark on a campaign aimed at encouraging responsible parking habits along South Pattaya Road.

The initiative, set to come into effect starting from September 1st, aims to establish a more structured approach to parking by implementing a rotating odd-even day parking schedule. Motorists will be permitted to park their vehicles on alternating days, spanning from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, between the Communication Intersection and the Chai Mongkol Temple Intersection on South Pattaya Road.

This strategic move seeks to streamline traffic flow and curtail the potential for accidents. The joint effort between the Pattaya City Municipal and the local police station underscores the significance of collaborative measures to reinforce traffic regulations. By adhering to this disciplined approach, citizens are anticipated to experience an improved parking experience and overall road maneuvering.

Notably, the adherence to traffic laws and the cultivation of disciplined driving habits will be observed diligently. Stricter law enforcement and enhanced traffic discipline education will be the cornerstones of this endeavor, symbolizing the commitment of authorities to uphold order and safety on the roads.

As the civic authorities, together with the local police, strive to make South Pattaya Road safer and more organized, this initiative stands as a promising step towards fostering a safer driving culture. Commencing September 1st, 2566, this unified effort holds the potential to significantly contribute to a more secure and orderly road environment for all.

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